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Non-Profit/Bulk Mail Services

We address, fold, insert, seal, tab, match envelopes to contents, and organize mailings for surveys. We fold, insert and seal #10 envelopes and other mail formats, even if they are not bulk mail, call us. We will address large quantities of mail even if you do not intend to send them at the non-profit rate, call us. In fact, It is a great idea to give us a call if you have any questions regarding preparation of large mailings, especially prior to printing! Call: 797-0875, or 797-0876.

Free General Memo Delivery

Central Distribution provides a "General Memo Delivery Service” free of charge. This is a not specifically addressed memo. An example is, “Inside USU”. A general memo is only for inter-department use, no outside vendors. The number of pieces needed for a "General Memo" is 250.

Campus Mailings

We have several lists for addressing campus mailings. We can do custom lists. Be sure to add at least 25 extra pieces for machine set-up. Quantities for various lists for campus mailings are listed below:

  • Combined (Faculty, Administrative, and Employees): 2,880
  • Admin/Faculty: 1,050
  • Administrative: 160
  • Faculty: 900
  • Professional: 975
  • Classified: 875
  • No Classified: 2,025
  • No Faculty: 2,000
  • CEU: Combined - 260, Faculty - 80, Non-Faculty -185
*NOTE: These counts are subject to change without notice. Call Distribution for latest counts.
797- 0875