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Post Office Boxes

We rent Post Office boxes to students, faculty and staff.

Utah State University Post Office Box Rules.

Thirty days after the box rent is due, if the box has not been renewed, the mail will be returned to sender and the box will be closed.

1. An application form must be filled out whenever a post office box is first rented and whenever a change in one of the users takes place. One person or one family may share the use of a single box. Please notify postal clerks before adding a family member. The person whose name appears on the application form will be responsible for the rent and usage of the box. Application forms must be verified annually.

2. Mail will be returned to the sender whenever it is sent to a post office box addressed to an individual whose name does not appear on the application form.

3. Rent is payable either semi-annually or annually and is due at the beginning of each period.

4. Rent-due notification will be provided by the University Post Office.

5. Arrangements for holding mail during between-quarter breaks must be requested in advance. Mail will be held only for those persons authorized to use a post office box, whose names appear on an application form on file in the University Post Office

6. A forwarding address should be left with the University Post Office whenever the user of a post office box moves. Mail would then be forwarded for a six-month period; after which, the mail would be returned to the sender. (Persons moving should notify their regular correspondents of their new addresses.)

7. Correct addressing for mail received at USU Post Office is:
LOGAN UT 84322-0199

8. Items shipped via Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS) or any courier other that the U. S. Postal Service cannot be delivered to a campus box. Be sure to provide sender with your home address for delivery of these types of shipments

9. No refunds on unused box rent.